We have two secure warehouses situated 5km outside Kabul city centre. It is a purpose built modern facility perfectly placed to allow direct access to major routes into the city centre, surrounding areas and Bagram.

Features of both warehouses include:

  • An open floor plan of reinforced screed concrete allowing a multitude of cargo to be stored without weight restrictions
  • Each of the warehouses are ready for at storage of bulk cargo, break bulk, vehicles, and/or palletised goods
  • Can accommodate a wide range of racking solutions in configurations to suit any tenant
  • Each warehouse can easily house secure office or accommodation structures of up to two stories
  • All warehouse doors are 21 high by 24 wide (6.5m high by 7m wide)
  • The eve height is 21 (6.5m) in each warehouse. This allows safe lift off space for upper racks if required
  • All doors are double sliding, completely securable with an additional man door in each
  • The site has a 24 hour guard force which operates roving patrols
  • 360 degree coverage of any assets being stored in the container yard or warehouses
  • All vehicles entering the site are subjected to a full sniffer dog and deep search in a blast proof entry corridor suitable for oversized transporters
  • Full night vision capability to ensure that the occupants and contents are completely secure